Since its creation in 1980, by Jean-Marc MOREL, the company MOBOIS creates, commercialize and distribute a large selection of curtain rods and accessories, thus maintaining the familial know-how for 4 generations, in the heart of Jura.

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Our values

Human and nature’s respect is for us a primordial value that daily highlights every aspect of our activity.

The consideration that we place for the environment, along with our employees, customers, and suppliers, engages us to constantly strive for the preservation of nature, and to offer to consumers qualitative and environmentally friendly products.


Our strengths


Proximity with our customers in France & abroad

Close to our customers, thanks to an exclusive, experimented, and motivated sales force. We nurture a commercial relationship listening to our customers and to the market, always in the purpose of valorizing our products in stores.
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Made in Jura

Our mastery of manufacturing methods.

Our mastery of wood transformation allows us to control the whole chain of production. From logs to the finishing, every step of the fabrication, sawing, turning, drilling, sanding… are made in our factory in Vouglans. We carry and claim the values of “Made in France”.

Wood transformation & production of curtain rods and accessories

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Our logistics mastery

Storage, order preparation, and expedition are made in our site in Veyziat. From a storage capacity of more than 10 000m², every step regarding conditioning, labeling and packing is also internalized. A modern site in constant evolution to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Liability, rapidity and quality are our exigencies.


Contact us

ZI Ouest Veyziat 01100 Oyonnax, FRANCE

(+33) 4 74 81 29 00

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