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Discover our procedures for a clean environment

Offer a range of wooden accessories, produced in France in the Jura that offers you the assurance of a qualitative product. Preserve the country’s industrial heritage and participate in its economic health while creating locally value.

Choose wood species certified FSC®, PEFC and OLB that come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests. Guarantee the traceability and transparency of our raw material supplies to respect Man and nature.

Focus on renewable and recyclable cardboard packaging rather than plastic to reduce the impact on the environment and our carbon footprint. 


Enhance and optimize our wood scraps to power our heating system. The heat thus created through this alternative waste management process allows us to dry wood and painted products but also to heat our locals. An additional initiative to reduce our environmental footprint.

Since February 13, 2003

Mobois has obtained FSC® certification under number BV-COC-030202 by Bureau Veritas Certification.
And also the PEFC certifications under number BVFR-PEFC-COC-6028147 and OLB under number OLB-CERT/COC-141101
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FSC® Label

The Forest Stewardship Council®, created in 1993, is an associative, international, independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization. It is generally presented as an ecolabel. Internationally, the FSC certification criteria have the environmental benefits of conserving biological diversity, preserving ecological functions and forest integrity as well as protecting threatened species and their habitats. They guarantee wood users not to contribute to the destruction of forests but on the contrary to their conservation and maintenance of wildlife.

The traceability certificate for certified wood products is awarded to companies in the wood processing industry and its derivatives, as well as distributors of wood products, meeting the requirements of the traceability standard, who wish to sell products certified as coming from responsibly managed forests.

FSC® & 10 principles to be respected by the forest manager:

  • Compliance with FSC® laws and principles
  • Land security, rights of use and responsibilities
  • Rights of indigenous peoples
  • Relations with communities and workers’ rights
  • Products and services from the forest
  • Impact environnemental
  • Development plan for development
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Maintenance of forests of high conservation value
  • Plantations
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Our wood species

Beyond design, at Mobois, respect for the environment and wood protection are essential in the design of our collections.

All wood offers at Mobois commit us through the use of FSC®, PEFC, OLB certified wood, and by French manufacturing, to ensure proper compliance with procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management. By purchasing our certified wood products, you participate with us in legal and respectful practices of forestry.

Our wood species and their decorative appearance

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